The Pelush concept has been designed to transform and reposition the boundaries of the old Faux Fur world and the way it has always been perceived. Through the attentive research and selection of the finest Italian fabrics, the best man made Pelage and Noble Fibers, each garment is then carefully curated to create a truly indulgent and luxurious experience, giving to each piece it's own identity, elegance and grace.

Anna Tagliabue's personal sense of style and beauty is highlighted by her unmatched ability to bring together the finest elements of a woman's wardrobe in a perfect fashion blend, which is reflected in all aspects of the Pelush experience. Her original ideas create a distinctive and sophisticated new take on elegance for the contemporary woman, giving an innovative and distinguished new outlook on luxury faux furs.

Kid Mohair

Mohair is an environmentally friendly alternative to real fur. It is sheared from the Angora goat, spun into a yarn, woven into a cotton backing and custom hand dyed for the most luxurious animal-friendly fur available in today's market. It is one of the oldest fibers available. Mohair is known for being extraordinarily soft, luxurious, durable and resilient. The long silky hair of the Angora goat is sheared twice a year and spun into a yarn. The hair has characteristics that are similar to wool except that it does not have the scales that can irritate the skin like wool. It has smooth fibers which gives it luster and shine and a luxury feel like cashmere, angora and silk.

Wavy Mohair

Porcupine Mohair

The Porcupine Mohair is made very carefully by hand. After the pile is weaved it goes into a process of acetic action where only the tips are meticulously scrunched and pulled inch by inch, giving the false impression of a rigid pile. MADE TO ORDER PROGRAM: Offering this very special pile in the Carlotta Jacket, the Lulu Coat, the Soraya Vest and the Mariuccia Top.

Chinchilla Pelage

Poodle Pelage

Broadtail Pelage

Feather Pelage